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Why Creatives Love DataScout

Pixel Precise Technology

Empowering Your Creative Process
Existing interactive video solutions are expensive, clunky, and ultimately not all that interactive. They range from banner ads to video player frames and clunky boxes with predetermined actions and effects. Unfortunately, in each case these primitive technologies dictate your process, leaving you with few real creative choices.

With DataScout’s easy to use tools, you control the interactive presentation of your brand object, all the way down to the pixel level. Now, your interactive content can be dynamic, changeable and fully brandable all the while reflecting an uncompromised expression of your creative vision.

Endlessly Customizable and Editable Video Experience

Delivering Your Creative Vision
DataScout gives you all the tools to customize the presentation of your brand objects. For example, you can signal interactive features or communicate with your viewers using a simple brand-colored flash, a particle system like “fairy dust,” or anything else you dream up.

You control how your viewers engage with the video’s brand objects. From within the video, viewers can place your brand object into a dock for later viewing, or open a modal window to review associated content right then and there. You decide whether the video keeps playing, or stops while the viewer investigates your brand objects. Because you can return the viewer to where they left off in the video, you no longer have to lose a viewer to complete a sale, or sacrifice a sale to keep a viewer.

Why Viewers Love DataScout Powered Content

Pixel Precise Interactive Video

Charting Your Own Course
DataScout powered videos give viewers control of their viewing experience. You can choose what brand objects you want to know more about, and even place them in the dock to save them for later. DataScout will stream on any device without you needing to download any special software or a video player. Most importantly, because DataScout fully integrates video with interactive elements, you get a clean and seamless interactive experience that you actually want to engage with.