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DataScout provides you affordable and easy to use tools
to create an immersive interactive video experience
unlike anything available on the market today

Created by dedicated video and advertising professionals, DataScout brings together all types of media to enhance your clients’ marketing results in new and compelling ways.

Access and Update Content At-Will

Make your team indispensable in the creative process

Transform your client’s standard video into continuously earning interactive media

Open new revenue streams using DataScout’s affordable, easy to use technology

Produce unique and lasting experiences for your client’s audience

Put the viewer in control of their video experience

How does it all work?


DataScout uses pixel-precise touch zones to artfully make objects of interest responsive to the viewer’s touch, using what we call an “Object Map.”

To create the Object Map, you simply assign unique color values to mattes for each brand object in your client’s video. Then, you and your client create content to associate with these brand objects. This content can be any type of digital media.

Next, upload the Object Map using DataScout’s web interface. The Object Map must then be connected to your client’s video. You can either upload and host your video with us, or link to it from your preferred content delivery network (YouTube, Brightcove, etc.) It’s through this process that you associate your desired content with the touch zones indicated by the Object Map.

When you’ve connected the Object Map, the client video and any other content, you’re ready to publish.